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Der Herr Franz
Die schönen, die guten und die interessanten Dinge des Lebens

My world

I have so many interests that a single blog wouldn’t be enough for them. Some would maybe say I’m getting bogged down with all my different interests.

Maybe that’s the way it is, but …

I disagree! I enjoy dealing with new and interesting topics, learning a lot from them and I want to share that with others as well. ‘My World’ is a selection of topics I want to discuss with you.

The beautiful things

Beautiful is a human being, a thing, nature, architecture, an image or some other work of art.

As a photographer, I can show you these subjects with photos and aerial images in my blog posts much better than just describing them in writing.

Although, I like to write too!

The good things

Everything that does good to the body and soul, that tastes good, smells good, looks good and feels good.

In my previous life (before blogging) I worked as a chef and I still like to cook, to barbecue and also to eat.

I also like to invite guests. From 10 guestes the fun really starts for me.

The interesting things

There are interesting people, places, conversations, …

I would also like to bring you closer to these themes in form of blog posts. In addition, I will post links to the topic for more information.

I hope, of course, you will always return to my site!

And all the other things I deal with:

These are, among other

  • Fire department
  • Sport events
  • Languages
  • Regional history
  • and much, much more
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Book recommendations

The book recommendations are not just an end in themselves. If you like the books and order them through my links, then you also support the work on this blog!

Thank you very much!