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Der Herr Franz
Die schönen, die guten und die interessanten Dinge des Lebens

Who is "Mr. Franz"?

HI, I am Mr. Franz, I am a trained tourist, tourism expert, chef, photographer and future historian.

I would like to invite you to discover with me the region between the Alps and the Adriatic sea, to meet interesting people and to learn interesting facts about the life, culture and history of the Alps-Adriatic countries.

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Welcome to the virtual tour group!

Welcome to my world!


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I will also translate various articles in Slovenian, Italian and English. This brings me closer to the aspiration to be a site for all the inhabitants of our Alps-Adriatic region.

In future you can then change the language with one click! I am working on mplementing the necessary web technology and translating the parts of the website.

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